FAQ’s Know The Process

How Do I Order?
You can order by email. Email to econobags@gmail.com . A PO with vectored artwork attached.

What Are Your Turnaround Times?
We try to get your order shipped out no later than 5 production days from the time you have approved your virtual bag proof. Then it’s usually 3-4 days in the mail system. We ship USPS Priority Mail Service. We do not ship UPS or Fedex or 3rd Party accounts due to past fraud.

What Quality Material Are Your Bags?
Our bags are made from reusable and recyclable quality materials. Our bags are not your run of the mill produce department thin bags. They are thicker, more durable and most of all recyclable. We highly encourage you recycle your bags and not throw them in the landfills. 

Do you offer a Rush Service? We say ” Plant Your Corn Early”
NO, we do not offer a rush service. We do not have overnight service. All our bags are not made in advance then printed. They are printed then made. It takes time to get your artwork approved on a proof , printing plates made and then your bags need to be printed, sealed and handles punched. We suggest you talk to your potential bag order clients that it takes time to make and ship their bags and they need to place orders with you well in advance. This is even more important if they are ordering for an event. This is one of our biggest questions. ” Can We Get Them Overnight-ed For Next Week?” And we have to say “No, that’s not going to happen” We stick to strict production schedules. It’s 5 days production, not including weekends after your virtual bag proof approval before ship out. Shipping is 3,4 or 5 days depending on the postal system. We have no control over the postal system or unseen weather events in your state.

Why do you not make custom PMS colors on small quantity orders?
We only mix custom colors on larger orders 10,000 bags or more if necessary. Otherwise we would have thousands of cans of ink in our production facility all different custom pms colors that may of been used only once and never again. And this would not be good for our recycling program. We do not digital print at this time.

Can you color match logos or strict branding designs?
If you require exact color matches for your clients logo or brand then we are not the printer for that. Our process of printing will not exact color match your brand or logos. We suggest finding a digital printer for your bags.

What colors of bags do you print on?
We print on either White or Clear bag material at this time.

Do you charge for proofs?
We do not charge for virtual proofs when an order is submitted to our facility for production.

What is your bag minimum?
Our minimums are 250 bags per order.

Do you charge for a second color? An extra color run cost per bag?
No, we do not charge for the second color run. Most others would. But there is a second printing plate cost.

Is there a printing plate cost?
Yes, at this time the printing plate cost per color is $38 net. So 2 colors = 2 printing plate costs. We also hold printing plates for up to 3 years. No plate cost next re-order same bags.

Are your bags made from recyclable materials.
Yes, all our bag material is made from recyclable materials. And we recycle all left over materials in our facilities.
  Low Density “Glossy” Polyethylene Bags