ECONO BAGS™ Has Done The Research.

For Stock Orders We Offer Either White or **Clear Material Plastic Bags
(**clear available only for certain sizes, ask about clear when requesting quote)

Your Branding Will POP OUT! On Our Bags. It’s About Advertising & Branding.

Our bags are 100% recyclable. And we encourage multi-use.

It’s our research & experience that most of our distributor’s and media company orders have been for our white bags.
We also encourage our distributors to talk to their clients about using white as their choice of bag color material.
Better brand visibility, better ink coverage and a better promotional return for their advertising dollar.

Bags are the biggest form of advertising for any successful business.

White is also our most versatile color in terms of getting your artwork noticed on our bags.
Your artwork can be in various colors and you can have up to 2 colors printed on 1 side.

We stock the most popular asked for bag sizes.