Econo Bags Is A Full Service Supplier / Manufacturer Of  Quality, Recyclable, Multi-Use Plastic & Paper Bags For The Promotional Products Industry

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ECONO BAGS sells through promotional products distributors  and advertising organizations nationwide. We work closely with all our accounts to ensure success.

Because we are a Specialty Product Provider. We can get your order done in a more efficient, cost effective and timely manner. We’re already set up to get the job done. 

Our ECONO BAGS™ are made right here in North America & And We Ship Within The USA to all 50 States. Our bags are 100% recyclable and reusable or multi-use. We support responsible bag recycling and re-using.

Yes, we really do make your bags from start to finish in our manufacturing facility and do not send out your purchase order to any 3 party. They are made right here in North America. This means we can give you great customer service you can rely on when it comes to pleasing you and your clients. Our customers are advertising distributors who deal with many client accounts and need to know that who they are dealing with are reliable and can deliver on time all the time and we work closely with them throughout their bag purchases. 

After choosing our reusable bags. We print, cut, seal, package and ship to either you the advertising distributor or ship direct to your clients. People love our bags and the fact we can provide low minimums of 250 bags per print order.

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Promotional products, also known as Ad Specialties, are a growing $22.2 billion dollar industry and are used by nearly every business in North America. And that’s where EconoBags.com enters your promotional landscape. We build distributor relationships that last. 

Because our plastic bags are reusable, they are a multi-exposure advertising medium.Conventional plastic bags are multi-purpose and multi-use bags that are reused by a majority of consumers. For instance, a 2007 Decima Research Study found that 77% of North Americans reuse their plastic bags two or more times. As such, the message imprinted on bags is seen again and again … and often passed along to others when bags are used to carry contents outside of the home or business. To an advertiser repeated exposure multiplies the effectiveness of marketing expenditures. The use of multi-use bags is not only responsible on the whole, it sends a very positive message about the advertiser to an ever growing percentage of consumers who are concerned about the negative effects of non-recyclable waste.

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