Plastic Bags are Recyclable: Reusable at home for small trash can liners, lunch bags, animal waste holders and more. We do not encourage the use of oxo-biodegrabable bags because they allow you to throw them into the landfills which in turn may end up in our oceans. Oxo-biodegradable bags do not break down fully as they are claimed to do. They end up creating micro pellets that leach into our oceans and streams. Econo Bags only uses recyclable material. 

Did you know that it takes more energy consumption to make a paper bag over making a plastic bag.

Many retailers provide bins to collect used bags for recycling. They are environmentally friendly which is of high concern to many people.

We encourage you to bring your bags to your local recycle depot when you are done with the bag. 

Plastic Bags are Water Resistant:Keeping moisture in or out is a real advantage over paper bags.Plastic Bags are cost efficient: Our bags are also more hygienic than paper and therefore are great for say hospitals, clinics, dental offices.